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Common Landscaping Mistakes To Watch Out For

A 2004 “All-American City” award winner, Pembroke Pines in Florida is a city to behold. It gained its city status in 1960 and its greatest population growth was experienced in the ’90s as a result of the effects of Hurricane Andrew that hit Florida. During this time in 1992, many fled North, especially to Pembroke Pines.

Proper planning ensures that such a population upsurge in a city doesn’t lead to a disaster. The same applies to your yard. Have you taken the proper measures to ensure your yard is looking excellent and serving its purpose? Are you considering redoing or adding new features to your yard? Below are some common mistakes yard owners make but that Broward County residents should avoid.

Not planning for your garden

landscaping mistakes

Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. This is true in many areas in life; finances, relationships, goals for the year, etc. When you don’t take the time to think ahead before setting up your landscape, you are on the sure road to failure. How is this possible? For instance, you may plant trees that end up blocking your view from the windows. Or you might plant flowers that just mess up the garden flow.

Many homeowners get so excited about their home landscaping project that they dismiss taking the time to make a plan and dive right into planting and digging. While being ambitious is a great quality to have, it shouldn’t distract you from executing all of the steps when working on home improvement projects. Without a plan, you risk running into issues with space, design, colors, and flow. Read more from Improvenet…

Translating what is in the mind to reality takes effort and proper planning. This is why it is important to consult professionals when a new project is at hand. They are able to give insight into aspects of the projects you hadn’t thought of.

Not performing proper research on the plants to use

Landscaping mistakes to avoid

A yard owner who fails to plan will likely fall into the second trap of not performing proper research. It is also possible to plan ahead and fail to research on items like the plants to be used. When you conduct a thorough check, you will know how big the plants can get, how much maintenance will be needed, and also how they will change in shape and look over time.

When choosing plants for your landscaping design, it pays to research which plants will suit your home’s unique environment. Start by researching the type of plants that thrive in your area. The plants you choose should be able to survive your region’s average high and low temperatures for the season. Factors like soil type, humidity, rain, frost and wind should all be taken into account. Read more from OTIP…

By doing this kind of work beforehand, you are able to prepare in advance for any necessary work. Or you may make a different choice altogether.

Not knowing when to consult a professional

Landscaping mistakes to avoid

With the rise of DIY – “the self-made culture”, there are pros and cons. It seems cheaper to do projects with a raw skill set with the help of sites like YouTube. However, you need to be aware of the other side of the coin. When doing projects on items like retainer walls, placing rocks for water features, and many other technical features, involving an expert is highly recommended.

Always be sure to realistically assess your abilities before undertaking hardscape projects. Discretion is the better part of valor, and sometimes it just makes more sense to hire a pro.

For example, rather than building a conventional deck yourself, some of you might want to call in a pro for the job. If you want the satisfaction of building a deck yourself (or can’t afford a professional), an alternative type that’s easier to build is the floating deck. Patio construction can also be daunting for someone who’s not very handy, even if only because of the drainage issues involved. Nor will the average DIYer want to tackle the job of limbing trees of any great size.” Read more from The Spruce…

All these scenarios describe the reasons to be careful as you do your landscape. As a yard owner, you need to have a realistic long-term plan of your yard based on your preferences as well as the limitations that exist.

To help you avoid these and more mistakes, work with Pembroke Pines landscaping professionals. At EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC, we are here to ensure you get the best results. Call us today for all your landscaping needs!