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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Your Pompano Beach Home

Pompano Beach strategically lies along the Atlantic Ocean coastline. Towards its south is Fort Lauderdale. Pompano Beach is an important city, forming part of the metropolitan area composed of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Moreover, there are over 50 local parks that are perfect for sports lovers and those who thrive outdoors. Looking for a getaway with your special person? This is certainly the place for you.

It is said that first impressions last, and your front yard is your opportunity to make a good one. Not only is it a space you can use to show off your creativity, but it also increases the value of your property. Below are various amazingly simple but elegant front yard ideas for your Broward County home.

Old bicycles

front yard ideas

Do you own any worn bicycles that cannot be repaired? You can convert them into useful planters that can beautify your home. All you may need to do is give them a facelift by painting them in your favorite color.

Add a touch of whimsy to your yard with a planter made from a vintage bicycle. By turning the bike’s front basket and rear pannier baskets into hanging baskets, you can create a fanciful shabby chic display. Lean it up against a tree or against a wall and use colorful annuals or ivy as seen in this front garden idea. If you want to add a more decorative touch, include antiqued signs or other rustic elements. As with all container gardens, be sure to use a high-quality potting mix which drains well but holds moisture to keep your flowers happy during hot weather.” Read more at HomeBNC…

This brings out a unique decorative idea for your lovely home. You can easily create a rustic theme with this one.

Simple water feature

water feature

As you think about your front yard, you want to create a simple appealing look. Many things in your home can serve as resources for a simple water feature for your property. Your landscape designer can use teapots or old wine bottles to create distinct features that will make your front yard attractive and interesting.

Not everyone has a pond or stream on his or her property. But installing a water feature doesn’t take a ton of money—and it does wonders for any outdoor aesthetic. Here, an iron tea pot and an old whiskey barrel team up to make one gorgeous DIY fountain waterfall.” Read more on DIY ideas…

This is an inexpensive idea for you in Pompano Beach, where water is in large supply. With a simple water feature upfront, you might also consider livening your plain walls with some nature.

Wall plants

front yard ideas

Do you have a high rise property or a rather plain wall that looks too dull? Alternatively, you may also want to conceal an important outdoor feature, like the AC system. Plants and flowers will improve your property’s look, making it distinct from afar.

Living walls can be planted with annuals, perennials, herbs or vegetables. Spring is a good time to plant, as young plants (ideally plugs) will establish readily and grow together.

The best living wall plantings focus on the texture, shape, form and colour of foliage as much as flowers, to provide year-round interest. Plants should be relatively compact – less than 50cm – or be able to take regular pruning.

Select perennials for year-round interest, or use bedding that you change with the seasons. Alternatively, go for edibles to get crops from a tight space. Choose shade-tolerant plants if your wall gets less than half a day of sun in midsummer. Water every day in hot weather and at least every other day throughout summer. Read more at Gardeners’ World…

These are simple and cost-efficient ideas that will create that unique feel you want for your home. Whenever possible, consult your landscape designer to take advantage of their experience.

Investing in your front yard goes a long way in enhancing the value of the property. It brings that distinct and appealing look. A natural look is always attractive because it creates a serene feel. Who wouldn’t want a home that gives off that chilled vibe? For these and many more front yard landscaping ideas, contact EPS Landscaping and Tree Services today.