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Three Areas Your Landscape Maintenance Plan Should Address

Did you know that Pembroke Pines has links with the earliest inhabitants of America? Yes, it was home to American Indians. They were first seen about 4,000 years ago. So, if you want to discover some fun historical facts about Broward County, this is the place to visit. Fortunately, there are skeletal remains that date to approximately 10,000 years ago in the area. You can be sure they had to be properly maintained for them to survive all these years.

Similarly, when it comes to your yard, proper maintenance is necessary. It would be a waste of time and energy if your landscape is not cared for. This is where landscape maintenance comes in. Through it, you can ensure your yard is in good shape all year round. But what should a comprehensive landscape maintenance plan include? Which areas of your yard should it focus on? Here are three to pay attention to.


Tree Service

The approach you need to take in tree maintenance depends on several factors. These include the type of tree, its age, the season of the year among others. Here are some helpful tips to consider:

Regular tree maintenance can mean a variety of things. From tree trimming to regular watering, entrusting your trees to a pro can mean a longer and healthier life for them…

Much like we all need a haircut every few weeks, trees need to be trimmed to maintain their beautiful, healthy appearance. Tree trimming is a task you can do yourself or with the help of a landscaping pro. Regular tree trimming is important to remove dead branches and leaves so new ones can grow…

If you’re finding that your trees are looking less than their best, soil may be the culprit. This is especially important if your tree is a seedling or you’ve recently replanted a tree. Soil testing can help you determine the pH levels and minerals already in your soil, and how you can improve it to see your trees truly thrive…Read more at Improvenet

To be sure, your trees will need time-specific attention. The care it’ll need during winter will differ from summer care. Tree care needs to be proactive all through the year.


sprinkler system installation

Another essential part of your landscape is the lawn. This means even more if you had a sod installation project in your yard. For it to look lush and healthy, here are some landscape maintenance tips:

Prevent Weeds Before They Come Up

Stop lawn weeds from gaining a roothold before they even germinate by using a pre-emergent herbicide. This type of product controls the dreaded crabgrass and other hard-to-eliminate weeds by stopping their seeds from sprouting in your lawn. Use a pre-emergent early in the spring.

Eliminate Broadleaf Weeds Once They’ve Sprouted

Broadleaf weeds are the big weeds that are immediately obvious in your lawn. The bright-yellow faces of dandelions (and their scatter-in-the-wind seeds), white-flowering clover and big-leaf plantain are all pretty visible. Granular weed control products should be part of your lawn maintenance regimen. If there are just a few offenders, you can remove them by hand. Read more at Lowes

You need to keep an eye out for those vicious weeds before they take over your lawn.


Landscaping mistakes to avoid

They bring life and color into your yard, making it the ideal place to take a breather. However, they are so fragile, they need specialized care. Here are some tips on how to maintain your flowers.

Garden soils lose fertility with time, subjecting plants to inadequate nutrients. When you notice signs of low soil fertility in your garden, you need to immediately apply appropriate fertilizers to your flowers.

The best fertilizers for flowers are the water-soluble or liquid ones. Some fertilizers can scorch plants when used incorrectly. For example, when high amounts are used or when applied at the wrong time. To avoid this problem, you need to follow the manufacturer’s directions for the fertilizer.

When looking for a water-soluble/liquid fertilizer, you need to choose the best one as there are a lot of fake ones out there…Read more at Dengarden…

Even with the right fertilizer, don’t miss out on the basics that every plant needs, that is, the correct amount of water. During summer, your flowers will need extra water. However, it should not be in excess to cause fungal diseases.

Your best resort for landscape maintenance is to work with professionals. If you’re looking for experts who can take care of your yard, EPS Landscaping & Tree Services is here for you. We will see to it that your yard is in its best shape. Call us today!