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Landscape Maintenance: What It Can Do For Your Coral Springs Yard

Coral Springs, situated in Broward County, is the ultimate example of a beautiful city. The perfect harmony between natural and man-made features is stellar! You will be blown away by the ingenuity of the design. Moreover, you will appreciate the effort that went into coming up with a city right at the beach. All this is only possible through the expertise that landscaping service providers offer. Additionally, to keep the city looking great, some maintenance is necessary. This is also true for your home yard, which is what landscape maintenance is about.

What is Landscape Maintenance?

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First things first: what comes to your mind when you think of the word maintenance? You probably think of the things you do to keep something in its optimum condition. Does this apply to landscape maintenance?

Many lawn care companies are there to take care of the basics of your outdoor spaces. They are focused on the maintenance of your trees, grass, and other ornamentals. For the most part, they will mow the grass, trim the trees, and water your plants. When a company maintains a landscape, they are only keeping it alive to resist deterioration. Some companies might view this service as maintaining the current status of your trees, flowers, turf, and shrubs throughout the year. While that would be ideal for some people, trees, flowers, shrubs, and turf are all living things that are changing and evolving. You cannot set out with one type of approach and expect that plan to last the lifetime of your outdoor spaces. After a while, your outdoor spaces might look bland and dull since your landscapers perform the same services week after week. Read more at Charlestown Landscaping…

Ideally, your landscape maintenance approach needs to be dynamic. That way, you’ll anticipate any potential problems and mitigate them before they occur.

Why Is It Necessary?

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Before you invest in anything, you need to appreciate the benefit it brings to you. In this case, landscape maintenance should be viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury. Here are some reasons why experts believe their work is important:

1. As landscapers, we protect property (specifically green spaces) that could be a threat to public safety if left uncared for.

2. Spring cleanup is needed to remove and compost organic waste and prepare areas by removing debris so mowing and other essential services can be performed. Mulch and pre-emergents help to suppress weeds, which will limit the number of people needed out in the field over the coming weeks.

3. Morale and mental health can be adversely affected by poorly maintained green spaces.

4. The long term health of landscape areas can be impacted negatively by the lack of proper care. Plants need proper pruning at specific times of the year, lawns need to be mowed regularly to maintain good health. A lawn area that is left to grow for several weeks will take many more weeks to recover from delayed mowing. Read more at Josh Landscape…

Bear in mind that landscape maintenance has both short and long-term effects on your yard. Understanding these effects will help you better appreciate its role and importance.

What To Anticipate

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Having a vision of what you expect from a given service will drive you to choose a company that has the ability to deliver results. The best companies to work with are those with a clear-cut plan that you can interrogate and work with.

In most cases, if you’re hiring a new landscape contractor, you’re ending a relationship with another one. This situation may necessitate a property walk between all parties – client, current landscaper, and new landscaper – to discuss property needs, identify deficiencies, address client preferences, and identify irrigation controllers or components. This is also a great time for your new landscape company to introduce key team members dedicated to your property – account manager, production manager, foremen, etc…

From the initial property assessment, turnover walk, and/or any other property evaluations performed, a detailed plan is developed that includes all relevant property information – from irrigation to trees, turf, slopes, etc. – unique characteristics, challenges, horticulture calendars, documented communications between departments, and punch lists (addressing concerns and/or requests) – prior to the start of service. Read more at Benchmark Landscape…

You’re likely to get the best services from a company that has a good plan on paper. That way, you (the client) and they (the service providers) can get on the same page.

Need a landscape maintenance company to take care of your property? EPS Landscaping & Tree Service is the one to consult. We have an excellent plan to ensure your yard stays at its best. Call us today!