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Landscape Design Ideas For A Small Yard in Pompano Beach

You know lawn tennis, but do you know beach tennis? On September 4th and 5th, Pompano Beach will be hosting the first-ever Beach tennis fest. The festival is expected to host over 150 players from all over the world. It is definitely an event to look forward to.

Such an event calls for excellent planning, especially during this COVID season. You have to know how to maximize the little space you have to prevent spreading the disease. And a proactive organizer wins.

And for you, are you winning at organizing your small yard? Well here are some three top tips that will make your yard shout royalty.

Tip #1: Make your yard an extension of your home.

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Your small yard doesn’t have to be that always. You can make it feel huge by making it an extension of your in-house living space. You can do this by extending the indoor theme, or by incorporating items like mirrors into your yard space. Mirrors tend to make spaces look larger than they are.

Here are some more thoughts from Homes and Gardens:

The mother-daughter design team have taken a cramped and uninviting garden and remodelled it to extend the living space. Adding a table, chairs and quirky outdoor lighting ideas turns this once boring concrete rectangle into a low-maintenance space for all the family to enjoy.

Mirrors are great for creating a more spacious feel, so they are a clever addition to any small back yard landscaping ideas. Hang it on a wall or prop it on a potting table, and don’t worry if the glass becomes mottled – it adds a rustic feel.

If you want to make a small garden look bigger, try using a well-positioned mirror to make a never-ending path. Choose from lightweight acrylic or tough mirror glass and make sure it is well-sealed against moisture. Read more at Homes and Gardens…

Tip #2: Use height to your advantage.


Small rooms can be suffocating, especially when they have a small roof. Small yards can also be suffocating if you don’t play it right with height. You can extend your yard’s height by planting tall trees or walls that spice it up. This fools the eye and makes it an exciting space.

Tall plants and other features with height can be used to enhance privacy, create separation between different parts of your yard, or define spaces. If you have a small yard, chances are you have nearby neighbors. This might mean that incorporating height in your design around the borders of your yard or the edge of your outdoor living area can help create more privacy for you and your guests.

When using height to define spaces or increase privacy, keep in mind that tall landscaping features can make your yard look smaller, so place them with care.

If you are hoping to grow some food plants or would like to add more greenery to your yard without a large footprint, you can also take advantage of vertical space by installing vertical gardens. A vertical garden is a great way to grow herbs, lettuces, and other foods  Read more from Install It Direct…

Tip #3: Don’t have a garden? Create a container garden.

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You don’t have space to create a garden, what do you do? Have you thought about using containers to garden your plants? The beauty of containers is that you can easily move them and incorporate them into existing designs. You can use vases and even pipes for beautiful wall gardens.

Container gardening is one of the best small garden ideas, especially if your garden has a patio or decking. The trick is to go for as many different types and heights of garden as possible: this will help add dimension and texture to the space. For instance, mix and match large terracotta pots with tall and slender glazed pots. And if you have a really small space, stack them up like this or wall-hang them to pack more in. Read more from Real homes…

Landscape design isn’t a hard thing. You just need to think out of the box and make it simple at the same time. Some of the ideas mentioned in this post are easy to implement. You can also get professional help from EPS Landscaping and Tree Services. We are experts in landscaping in Florida. Call us today for your landscape design needs.