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Landscape Design Mistakes To Avoid in Fort Lauderdale

Are you craving some sun, sand, and surfing-friendly waves all in one place? Then Fort Lauderdale is the destination for you. This unique southern city presents you with an excellent holiday destination. If you want to have your wedding and holiday in one location, then bring your family down here. There are endless restaurants and boardwalks, hotels, and superb Airbnb rentals.

But maybe you don’t want to go down south; you just want your backyard to be your own holiday destination. A place you can run to when you’re in need of a break. If this is you, then you should be aware of landscape design mistakes many make as they pursue this. These range from maintenance issues to DIY failures. Read more below:

#1. Creating plans that are difficult to maintain

Landscape Design Mistakes To Avoid in Fort Lauderdale

Don’t invest in a garden that you can’t maintain. Yes, a miracle may happen and funds land in your pocket without expecting them. But the greatest maintenance miracle is putting up a structure that you can run on autopilot and at a minimal cost.

If you have an elaborate landscaping design, it’s important to make sure that design is something you, or your client, can maintain in the long run. Plants can be high maintenance, requiring time and specific care. If you’re someone who travels often or who keeps a busy schedule, then having a lot of potted flowering plants that may require daily watering may not be for you. If you don’t like to rake leaves, you may want to limit the number of deciduous trees — these are trees that drop leaves — that you plant; instead, stick to evergreens. Upkeep, just like your budget and space functionality, should all factor into your landscaping plan. Read more from Workwave…

#2. Not giving the garden room to breathe

Hardscaping and landscape design in Hallandale Beach by EPS Landscaping & Tree Service

Homeowners tend to use their yards as chill-out spots. The place you can run to when the house seems not to be enough. The mistake you then don’t want to make is to have a yard with no breathing space. A yard with a million trees and a footpath the size of Aladdin’s flying mat. First, create a space for yourself and also for your plants or any other feature to flourish.

It’s one of the most obvious garden design mistakes. We go minimal with our interiors but throw the kitchen sink at the garden. But the trick is to keep it simple – in all things. When it comes to materials, surfaces, colours and style, pare back.

‘Don’t try to fit everything in,’ says garden designer Charlotte Rowe. ‘People try to introduce too much into their gardens. Two hard landscaping materials or surfaces is enough. And be very careful using colour in your hardscaping, as you need to allow the colour of the planting to “sing” and not be fought with. Less is more.’

The same goes for plants too. For a garden to look and feel natural you need to think about planting a variety of different sized plants and arrange them in repeat patterns rather than adopting the ‘one of everything’ style of planting. Read more from Living etc…

The other side of this is having a yard with so much space and nothing really stands out in it. Be sure to strike a balance. Bringing in the necessities while giving them room to thrive while not overcrowding.

#3. Not recognizing when a pro is needed

Landscape Design Mistakes To Avoid in Fort Lauderdale

DIY is a miracle but a disaster for the untrained. Have you ever installed a water irrigation system? If not, please don’t rush to create a plan for how you’ll do it. You may end up messing up your garden, or even the whole piping system in your home. So before you rush to do something, do a proper SWOT analysis. The dollars you are seeking to save when used could save you a lifetime of trouble.

DIY projects are fun and challenging, but that doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. Even if you decide to do it yourself, it never hurts to get a pro’s advice or estimate of work, should you decide to hire them. If you’ve followed the steps above and find yourself lost or stuck, then it may be time to hire a pro to help you. There’s no shame in it. Getting an expert to help you design the landscape of your dreams is worth the investment. Read more from Improvenet…

That is why at EPS Landscaping, we offer professional landscape design with you in mind. It is effective, extremely affordable and the service is designed to meet all your needs. Do you need a professional to help you out, Call Us Today!