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Hardscaping: A Crucial Part of Your Landscape Design in Coral Springs

Coral Springs is the ideal place to live within Broward County. Although there aren’t any natural springs here, it is a family-friendly location. Top among the reasons for this is its low crime rate. Who wouldn’t want a safe place to live? It also scores highly in terms of its livability, with all the essential amenities you would want in a city.

Additionally, the aesthetic appeal of Coral Springs is simply undeniable. So it would make perfect sense that you might want to extend this beauty into your home. One of the ways to do this is through landscaping design, as we shall explore in this post.

What Is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping and landscape design in Hallandale Beach by EPS Landscaping & Tree Service

One look at the first part of the word “hardscaping” tells you that there is an element of hardness. The second part of the word seems to be somehow related to landscaping. So what is hardscaping all about?

Hardscaping can include almost any type of decorative or practical structure in a landscape, from driveways to fences to benches. Hardscape is a critical part of landscape design, providing definition and a sense of organization to the natural areas and features.

What Is Hardscape in Landscaping?
The term “hardscape” refers to all of the non-living elements in landscaping, such as a brick patio, a stone wall, or a wooden arbor. It is one of the two major subcategories of landscaping, the other being softscape. Softscape is all of the living and organic elements in a garden or on a lawn, such as trees, flowers, and grass. Read more at The Spruce…

With the hardscape elements of your yard, you can define how the various portions are to be utilized. Moreover, there are many different types of hardscape elements you can make use of.

What are the benefits of hardscaping?

retaining wall

Clearly, the different types of hardscape elements will improve your outdoor area in different ways. The following is just one of the potential benefits you stand to gain from hardscaping:

Extend Your Outdoor Space
Hardscaping ideas are a great way to add another dimension to your yard. You can add fixtures like fireplace pits, grill stations, and decks in your yard. These installations make it easier to convert the area into an entertaining station for backyard parties…

Boost Curb Appeal
Perhaps the biggest benefit of hardscaping is the curb appeal.
These days, yards with acres of grass and flowerbed don’t pull in crowds. Modern buyers are looking for an extra element that seals the deal. That’s why homeowners are installing fountains, waterfalls, and other concrete structures to beautify their gardens.
Plus, they work as a meeting ground for the family to spend quality time with nature. Read more at iLandscape

You can be sure you’ll protect your yard from soil erosion and improve your home’s value while saving your water and making your yard a tad more diverse.

How Do You Get Started With Hardscaping?

garden edging

Are you ready to jump ship and invest in high-quality hardscape elements in your home? Well, just before you do that, you need to have a plan. This will guide your decisions and help you meet your final goals.

Before you head to the store or break out the shovel, know what you want to incorporate into your hardscape. You have a lot of options to choose from, so make a list of your most-wanted items and focus on them first.
Elements you can include in your hardscape include:

  • Steps
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Gazebos
  • Walkways
  • Retaining walls

You can also play up natural themes by adding water features, such as fountains and ponds.

Create a Single Focal Point
Now that you know which items are must-haves, choose which one you want to make your focal point. This feature will instantly draw the eye when you step into your yard. Read more at Build-Review…

So, with these basic considerations in mind, the next thing you need is to know the right person or team to work with to make your dream outdoor space a reality.

If you’re in Coral Springs, FL, the best landscape architecture company to work with is EPS Landscaping and Tree Service. We are passionate about transforming your yard into the ideal outdoor space. Call us today for inquiries as you plan to get started on your project.