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Landscape Design Ideas For A Small Front Yard

Hallandale Beach is a beautiful city in Broward County that is sure to capture your attention. Despite its size, it has a population of about 40,000 people. It is best loved for its sense of community and offers the perfect place for you to settle in with your family. Moreover, there is the ease of access to other cities in the county. To top it all off, commuting within the city has been made easier through the free minibus services.

With the size of the city and the population in view, you may find a home with a small front yard. This doesn’t stop you from having a great landscaping design. This post will give you ideas on how to make your front yard beautiful without it looking crowded.

Focus on the Entryway

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Let’s face it, first impressions last. When you are entering someone’s compound, what do you first see? The entryway is absolutely important.

Put in a brick walkway, a decorative gate, planters, and small trees to frame your house. Design elements, such as water and fire, are also dynamic features.

In a recent interview with Architectural Digest about landscaping for small spaces, David Godshall, of the Los Angeles- and San Francisco-based design firm Terremoto, noted, “The sound of water can reduce the psychological proximity of urban street noise. A fire pit [can produce] warmth and visual interest and can really activate a garden at night.” Read more at LawnStarter

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just make your entryway more appealing to the eye.

Install Artificial Turf

Landscape Design Ideas For A Small Front Yard

With a small yard, every detail is noticeable. That’s why you need to ensure it is appealing to the eye. Floridian climate can be nasty to your dreams of having a lush green yard. Here is the perfect solution:

Let’s face it. The ground beneath our feet is imperfect and inconsistent in a lot of different ways. Here in Sarasota, Florida, we have a lot of sand in our soil. A lot! Keeping nutrients and moisture in the ground long enough for your grass to thrive can be tough. Not to mention the not-so-sunny spots in the yard, pests, and elevation changes. Wouldn’t be nice if there was an easier solution? There is!

Installing a turf yard will end the need for owning a lawnmower or spreading fertilizer. Turf stays perfect year-round without becoming patchy or dull-looking. Plus it’s safe for all pets and children. Read more at Arbor Landscapes

What better way to have a green front yard all year round!?

Have an Out-of-the-box Garden

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Yes, having a small yard doesn’t mean you can’t have a lush garden. All you need to do is be creative with that space as follows:

Having a family garden improves your life. One way to enhance your garden is through the use of plant boxes. Landscaping in the front yard can sometimes require plant boxes when it’s too small. Rather than just having the landscape on the ground, this will add a little layering effect to the front yard. You can set up a lovely arrangement of flowering plants in the planter box…

Apart from lovely decorations for your front yard, such as stones and plants, adding some accents in your front yard landscaping can make it even more unique and appealing. Despite this simple landscape, having a small spot of stones where a jar stands out a lot from the surrounding landscape. You can use recycled jars and keepsakes to use as your pots and flowerboxes. Read more at Not a Paper House

You can literally have a garden idea that grows out of the box!

Wondering how best to put these ideas together for your home? Talk to the team at EPS Landscaping and Tree Services. Our experts in landscape design are sure to bring out the best in your yard. Call us today!