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Questions on Irrigation System Maintenance In Pompano Beach Answered

The great city of Pompano Beach was named after the Florida Pompano, a type of fish found in the Atlantic Ocean. The Florida Pompano is a common delicacy in Florida, despite its high cost. In fact, it is the most expensive fish in Florida.

Fun fact: The Florida Pompano can’t stay still in one place, they are highly migratory. This means that fishermen seeking to catch this species have to constantly look out for them.

Now fishing tool maintenance is a top priority for all fishermen. Failing to prioritize it could significantly impact their business negatively. In the same way, as a homeowner, you must properly maintain your yard’s irrigation system. It won’t be long before you have to start from zero again if you don’t.

Why is proper maintenance of an irrigation system necessary?

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It is said when given eight hours to cut a tree, use 6 of them to sharpen your ax and 2 to cut the tree. The importance of spending the six hours is that it ensures you are fully prepared for the job, but also that your tools are prepared. It is not just about preparation, it is also about maintenance.

Maintenance is crucial for all types of irrigation systems. In a pivot irrigation setup, for example, nozzles, gearboxes, electrical systems and more must be checked regularly. With micro-sprinkler irrigation systems, maintenance includes checking nozzles and adjusting sprinklers regularly to ensure optimal water distribution.

All irrigation systems consist of the same basic components: a motor and pump, filtration, valves, mainlines, sub mainlines and a water distribution component – be it drippers, sprinklers or pivots. These components need attentive maintenance. Read more from Netafim…

How frequently should an irrigation system be serviced?

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Servicing any machine system ensures that it operates at constant efficiency. For example, with a vehicle, one services it after a certain mileage is covered. It involves removing worn-out parts, all to make sure the car serves you well. Now, the same applies to your irrigation system. Servicing ensures it serves you well.

A full service and audit of your sprinkler system can be incredibly helpful to not only pick up on faults and leaks, but also to identify any potential improvements that could help make it more efficient and cost-effective.

It’s recommended that a sprinkler irrigation system be professionally serviced once or twice a year, particularly if it has been laying dormant over the winter.

Particularly in colder climates where freezing is a concern, owners may opt to ‘winterise’ their irrigation system before the cooler months arrive. By ‘blowing out’ the pipes, removing any water left inside, winterising helps avoid damage to pipes and fittings. The main valve and control box should also be turned off when winterising a sprinkler system. Read more from Christies Landscapes…

Is there any advantage to hiring a professional to maintain your system?

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DIY projects are exciting if you understand the task at hand. Irrigation systems involve many delicate parts, from the pump to the sprinklers themselves. One wrong move and you are not only facing the stress of having ruined your own system, but your pocket will also be bleeding from the loss involved. This is why professionals come in handy, as explained below.

Irrigation systems are an important part of keeping your landscape beautiful and healthy. When problems arise, a broken irrigation system can cause serious damage which can cost you a significant amount of money, time, and stress. The installation of an irrigation system involves knowledge of water lines, electrical components, and more. This is not a job that should be attempted by anyone who is not familiar with them.

Without a professional’s help, you may worry about the work you have put in while attempting to fix your irrigation system on your own. Or you may have hired a family friend or acquaintance who felt they were equipped for the job only to discover they were not as experienced as they claimed. Hiring an irrigation expert will help alleviate any worries and fears you may have about the installation process. Instead of second guessing yourself, hiring a professional will let your rest assured that your irrigation system is in good hands. Read more from Mid-South Irrigation and Landscape…

Maintaining your irrigation system ensures that your system stays put for many years. Many systems crash not out of manufacturing mistakes, but out of neglect. EPS Landscaping is one of the leading companies in Florida offering irrigation services. We have professionals with years of experience ready to help you choose a new irrigation system or help maintain the existing one. Call us today!