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What You Need To Know Before Installing Palm Trees

Have you been to the Hallandale Beach Food & Groove: A Wine, Food and Art Experience? This is the one event in 2022 that you should not miss. The event will be on Saturday, February 26, from 7–11 p.m. as part of the 21st annual Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One.

This festival is in its third year and so far it has been a great success. The event was started as a part of the Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency’s plan to brand the city as a destination for food, arts, and entertainment. The event speaks into the spirit of creating new things and you can apply the same to your home through palm tree installation.

With this, you can change the look of your home and even bring out a different feel. But before you do that, here is all you should know:

What Is The Best Time to Plant Palm Trees?

Palm Tree Trimming

The truth is that palm trees can be transplanted at any time of year, however, the best time to do so is in the spring or early summer, when soil temperatures are rising. This allows the palms to develop strong for 5 to 6 months before the first frost. With Spring it is also easier to maintain the plants as rains come after reducing the need for constant watering.

Mature palm trees with well-developed trunks can be dug and transplanted from the field. Young palms cannot. The roots of young palm trees are not sufficiently developed, so they are typically planted from container-grown stock. Perfect Plants delivers their windmill palm trees (a variety of fan palms) in one and three-gallon containers – perfect for planting out in the home landscape.

The best time to plant any new tree is in the spring, but trees delivered in containers can be planted any time of year. Still, we recommend setting out your new palm tree in spring or early summer so the warming weather will get it growing right away.

In any case, plant your new palm tree as soon as possible after it arrives. Until then, be sure to keep it in the shade in bright indirect light and keep the root system moist (but not standing in water). Read more My Perfect Plants…

How do you acclimate your palm trees to their new location?

What You Need To Know Before Installing Palm Trees

When it comes to installing palm trees in your yard you need to consider where the plant was previously planted. For example, if your plant was in a greenhouse where it was not experiencing the full glare of the sun and then you plant it directly under the sun, most likely your plant will die. You will need to help it transition to the conditions slowly by providing a little shade and removing it bit by bit.

When you buy a palm tree, pay attention to the growing conditions that the plant was in when you purchased it.  It may need acclimation to your growing conditions.  Sometimes you might purchase a palm tree that was grown inside a greenhouse or under shade cloth.  This is quite common.  If you plan on planting a palm tree in full sun in your area, it will need to be acclimated to your conditions for optimal performance. People do this all the time.  This process can take six or eight weeks but will assist you in avoiding sunburn to the leaves. Also, remember that localities for inland or in desert areas are much different than coastal climates. Even if a palm was in full sun along the coast, your sun may be brighter and hotter. Trained staff at a reputable palm nursery will guide you on acclimation requirements.  Read more from Jungle Music…

What about watering your trees?

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One of the key things your palm tree will need for it to grow in a healthy way is for it to get water. The way to hack watering your palm tree is by planting it right before spring so that you can take full advantage of the rains that come after. You should also make sure that you are planting your tree in soil that drains easily so that your roots don’t end up rotting from clogged water.

The first step in properly caring for your new palm tree is to follow correct watering practices for the current season. Different palm varieties are going to have unique watering requirements. As a general rule of thumb, most varieties will need watering once to twice a week in the winter, two to three times a week in the spring and fall, and three to five times a week in the summer. You can always find the complete care information for your specific palm varieties by speaking with our nursery pros or you can find a care guide for your palms on our website. Read more from Moon Valley Nurseries…

You should always make sure that you give your trees the best experience possible and one of the ways is by getting professionals to do the tree installation work for you. In Hallandale Beach, you can reach out to EPS Landscaping and Tree Services to help you out at a pocket-friendly price. Call Us Today!