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Creative Ways To Incorporate Retaining Walls in Your Pompano Beach Yard

One of the reasons why Pompano Beach is such an amazing destination is because of its beaches. If you are particularly careful about swimming in clear water, then Pompano Beach is perfect for you. The warm and clear waters will warm both your body and heart. Then you will definitely enjoy all the fun activities at the beach. The water sports, deep-sea fishing, and fine dining will ensure you have beautiful memories to take home.

Even so, your home doesn’t have to look so dull and boring that you have to go away to have a good time. With just a few changes, you can transform how your yard looks. To be specific, retaining walls are a unique feature that you can use in so many ways. Let’s explore some of them.

Retaining Wall Materials

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As you consider installing your retaining wall, you’ll soon discover that there are several materials you can use. Among the common options, there is concrete, wood/timber, sandstone, and a host of others. If your budget is something you’re watching closely, then timber is a viable option.

If you’re worried more about affordability, you can still create an attractive look by opting for a wooden fence. This retaining wall idea can work well for many properties but it’s important to ensure that you select a high-quality type of timber to handle the weight of the soil behind it.

t’s hard to find a more cost-effective option than this one. Timber fence panels can be neatly integrated into the natural décor provided by all the other elements in the garden. We recommend opting for this kind of uniform look without excessively intricate designs on the wood to avoid standing out too much. Read more at Rhythm of the Home

You can get a really beautiful outcome without robbing the bank. And retaining walls don’t just have to be a wall. You can pimp them up in interesting ways.

Add Steps

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You can do an amazing job by incorporating steps in your yard whenever you place retaining walls. That way, you’ll have more outdoor space to relax in.

If you decide to incorporate steps into your retaining wall idea, this will give the illusion that the wall is in your yard as part of your overall design rather than necessity. Decorative steps allow you to seamlessly move from one level to another in your yard without having to deal with a steep drop, and they add visual interest to a space that would ordinarily be very bland and plain.

You will have to plan for this early with your retaining wall idea because the stairs must start higher than the wall itself and move downward. You can have the staircase lead to a path that wanders through your garden or the rest of your yard to keep people off the grass too. The stairs also join the two levels as one, and it’ll make the contrast between one level and the other seem less harsh.  Read more at Happy DIY Home

With this idea, you could easily reduce the prominence of your retaining wall and also make your yard look more spacious.

Hardscaping Features

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Yes, you can turn your retaining wall into a base or foundation for other hardscaping features. For example, it can be an outdoor patio or fire pit. Interesting, huh?

Get creative with your new outdoor kitchen’s design and turn it into a retaining wall.

How to do this? Grow a raised herb garden right behind your outdoor kitchen’s countertops. Pick a few green basil leaves, sprinkle them onto the pizza, and then slip your family dinner right into the kitchen’s pizza oven…

Just as you can have a garden without soil, you can have a retaining wall without soil. Why not retain some water for a change?

Give your landscape a makeover with water features, and use retaining walls to help you keep the water in its place.

Water features can turn any backyard into a calming oasis filled with soothing rushing water sounds. Let the after-work stress wash away by your outdoor fountain. Read more at LawnStarter

Oh wow! With just a little creativity, you will end up with an amazing yard with great features. And the best news is, you don’t have to struggle alone.

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service is here to transform your yard into the best place to live in. Use your retaining wall in many fancy ways that’ll increase the usefulness of your yard. Call us today so we can get started!