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A Holistic View On Landscape Maintenance For Your Hallandale Beach Home

Why is Hallandale Beach so attractive? First, it has the benefits of a small and big town put together. Wondering how? Well, first of all, it is small and has a community feel about it. Who wouldn’t want good neighbors? Even so, regardless of its size, Hallandale Beach is the perfect place to find various amenities “all-under-one-roof”. Moreover, there are several other great towns that are easily accessible from Hallandale Beach, including Fort Lauderdale. This gives you more options on what to do for your leisure activities. So, whether you’re visiting or thinking of settling in Hallandale, there’s a lot going for you.

Having a good understanding of Hallandale Beach helps you plan properly, doesn’t it? Now, did you also know that landscape maintenance begins even before you design your landscape?

Start Well

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Poor planning will definitely mean you’ll have a hard time trying to keep your yard looking great. So, how about beginning with the end in mind as you plan for a great landscape?

Know Your Site

Take time to really get to know the weather, light, and soil conditions of your site. When plants are paired with their desired growing conditions, they’ll need a lot less help from you to thrive. So, if you have quick-draining sandy soil that bakes in full sun, for example, plant drought- and heat-tolerant varieties. Damp shaded spaces will require a different palette of plants.

Make a Master Plan

Successful landscapes often start with a well thought-out plan. Even a simple sketch of your property will do the trick. Include any structures, existing trees and shrubs, and garden elements. Add outdoor living areas, pathways to access those areas, and other elements, such as a swing set or vegetable garden. Don’t hesitate to include areas that you are not ready to install but would like to build in the future. The master plan will be essential in illustrating how your landscape will come together in time. Read more at BHG

You’d rather spend more time planning than trying to rectify what went wrong. Also, your maintenance regimen will be less costly.

Foolproof Hardscaping

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You are probably aware that your landscape is composed of hardscape and softscape. To ensure you minimize your maintenance plans for hardscaping, ensure the base is well done.

It’s all in the base. The most important part of a patio, driveway or firepit is the one you can’t see: The base. This is typically composed of a layer of crushed stone material, such as gravel, that acts as a support between the virgin soil below and the concrete slab or stone pavers on top.

  • Reduces settling and cracking. The soil beneath your concrete slab or pavers is constantly moving. The stone base helps absorb this movement to reduce settling and the cracking that comes from it.

  • Promotes drainage. If a slab is poured on organic topsoil, that organic topsoil will eventually flex, and the concrete will sink/ and crack. When a gravel base is applied, runoff washes through the gravel base to keep your slab or stone well-supported and crack-free. Read more at Reesmans

Just like a skyscraper needs a solid and deep foundation, your hardscape features need a good base. In fact, if possible, let them have a stone base.

Care for the Softscapes

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Since they are the living parts of your yard, they will need more of your attention as you set up a landscape maintenance plan. Here is a description that helps you take into account the maintenance they require together with the hardscape:

    Softscapes are all the horticultural components in your yard. These can include plants, perennials, annuals, ground covers, seasonal plantings, and more.

They change and evolve continuously. Their growth depends on the climate, soil quality, and other environmental elements.

Since plants come in all sorts of colors, textures, and sizes, you can inject a great variety to make your landscape design aesthetically pleasing…

Here are some tips to help you strike a balance between Hardscape and Softscapes:

Incorporate Hardscapes First: One of the most common techniques homeowners use to beautify their backyard landscape design is installing hardscape first and then decorating it with soft elements.

Don’t go overboard with any one element: Incorporating too many hardscapes can make your space look empty. On the other hand, too many softscapes can make your yard look unkempt and messy. Hence, it is best to avoid excessiveness. Read more at Landon

Clearly, if you want to have an easy time maintaining your landscape, you need to get it right from the beginning. The good news is, you don’t have to struggle alone.

At EPS Landscaping and Tree Service, we have an amazing team that is ready to walk the journey with you- from landscape design to maintenance. We know what it means to have an eye-catching yard and we have what it takes to bring out the best in yours. Call us today for top-rated services.