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Here’s How You Can Help Your Fascinating Palm Trees Thrive

Did you know that Dania Beach is the home of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA)? This is the organization that keeps a record of world record fishes. Yes, even fish have a world book of records. So, if you’re into fishing, consider visiting the IGFA, where you’ll be fascinated by what you’ll see at the world-class museum that’s dedicated to sport fishing. You won’t get tired of seeing the equipment and the photos of sport fishing legends! The sportfishing activities in Florida are accessible all year round, thanks to the amazing beaches, including Dania Beach.

You’re unlikely to miss seeing a palm tree in Dania Beach, and you can make your home feel like a beach experience by planting palm trees in your yard- next to the pool. But how can you ensure they thrive? You’ll find out by the end of this post.

Why Palm Trees?

Here’s How You Can Help Your Fascinating Palm Trees Thrive

There are several reasons why having palm trees in your Dania Beach yard is beneficial. Apart from making your home look like a holiday destination, what can you look forward to enjoying?

Some Palms Can Last a Century…or More

Depending on the species, some palms can live for more than a century. That means the palm you plant might outlive you. There is also recent evidence that, at the cellular level, palms may indeed be the oldest living trees because their cells are not replaced with new cells, as is the case with other trees.

Palms Grow in Containers

Palms make great patio plants, as they grow they can be moved or replanted from a container to a more sunny location. Just make sure you have the right soil for a patio tree, along with a large enough container. Read more at The Spruce

What better deal than a plant that is sure to outlast you and make your home look great for the long haul?

Trimming for Health

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Once your palm trees outgrow the patio and are ready for the yard, they are also ready to start getting trimmed once in a while. Why is this important?

Deters Fungus and Disease

Palm trimming helps palm trees grow and thrive and deters fungus and disease. Dead fronds of the palm tree can attract beehives or infestation of insects. The infestation can travel to other areas of your property, and it’s difficult to remove…

Enhances a Healthy Growth

Our regular palm trimming allows the palm tree’s inner part exposed to sunlight, which enhances the growth. Our arborists are experienced, and they will only remove as much as necessary: flower or fruits, dead palm fronds, and palm tree fronds that are too close to a power source of structure. Read more at Tree Service in OC

Of course, they have to be big enough for trimming. And they also don’t do well when over-trimmed. So, it’s good to strike a healthy balance.

Trimming For Better Growth

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It’s true, palm trees have the innate ability to thrive and survive over the years. However, in your yard, there could be some obstructions that may hinder it from thriving. That’s where palm tree trimming comes in.

Periodically, trimming palm trees can prevent any obstacle and allows them to grow better and stronger. Palm trees get heavy as they grow, and when they are not trimmed, the heavier parts can cause them to crack or break off. When you remove the heavy pieces, your palm tree is going to thrive and grow healthier. Neighborhood rats love climbing up on dead palm trees and make it their home where they grow their family. So, keep your palm tree trimmed to eliminate rat nesting problems.  Read more at Corpus Christi Landscaping Pros

There’s clearly every reason to keep your palm tree well-trimmed. But then again, this has to be done professionally and when necessary, not all the time.

Looking for a palm tree specialist in Dania Beach who can ensure your palm trees thrive? Look no further than EPS Landscaping and Tree Service. We have the equipment, experience, and passion for ensuring that your palm trees are in perfect condition. Get in touch with us today!