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Tips About Hedges That’ll Transform Your Yard in Hollywood, FL

Have you been to the Anne Kolb Nature Center? The center is a peaceful spot in Hollywood Florida that offers quite a combination of nature and modern amenities for the everyday citizen. The center boasts of nature trails and kayaking activities.

You can even host your wedding here. They have set up the grounds perfectly for you to enjoy. And back home you should also set up your grounds perfectly with a good hedge. Below are things you should know before installing a hedge.

What factors should you consider?

Tips About Hedges That'll Transform Your Yard in Hollywood, FL

Before installing a hedge in your yard, you should proactively think about what plants are suitable for it. You do this by checking the soil in your yard, the climatic conditions in your area, and in some areas, the government regulations.

The variety of plants that can be used for hedges is virtually limitless. You will need to take into consideration light, soil and weather conditions in order to select plants that will thrive in your location. Also think about how tall you would like your hedge to be, whether you want an evergreen or deciduous hedge, and whether you would like fall color or flowers and fruit to attract wildlife. Of course, you don’t actually have to choose just one plant. It is perfectly fine to mix types of plants in your hedge. Read more from Gardenista…

How do you take care of a hedge?

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After picking the suitable plant and going ahead and planting it, the biggest task now is taking care of it. The initial stage is predominantly the most important as it determines whether your pants will live to maturity. They are long-term plants and they need a good foundation.

Remember, hedge plants are a long-term feature and the individual plants will compete with each other for light, water and nutrients. Therefore, it is important to look after new plantings so they establish a strong root system and even growth. There are also a few things you can do to make hedge maintenance much easier for you as a gardener. Prune your hedge upon planting so that the plants are all the same height, and to encourage bushier growth. If possible, lay out a watering system along the line of plants to make it easy to keep them well-watered. Liquid feed after planting and regularly during the hedge’s active growth period (spring to early autumn). Fertilise with a complete, slow-release granular formula twice a year (autumn and spring). Place mulch around the plants to deter weeds.

If one plant within the hedge grows more slowly than the others, there could be a few reasons. Check that it is getting adequate water Read more from Flower Power…

What is an example of a creative way to hedge?

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Hedges are exciting to install as you can use them to display your creativity. You can play with their height, their compactness, and their colors. You can also use these for different purposes for example using colorful hedges that complement your company’s or homestead theme colors.

To me hedges are far, far more than this. I love to design hedges to create architectural form in a garden. They are there because they are a beautiful piece of sculpture to divide and separate areas, to create rooms and to bring stability to a design. They are one of the most important design features we can use in a garden and if executed really well can create something very special very quickly. Hedges are about detail, and about the tremendous skills needed to create a living work of art.

Hedges can be formal with clipped, vertical sides and a level top. Or they can be fluid, rolling, natural and curvaceous. We use hedges at different heights, plant them in blocks, and stagger them with gaps to create a sense of depth. On a scheme five years ago we created an instant hedge by bringing in plants specially grown for a year in a German nursery and planting them over two weeks in a London garden. We created a formal garden to such perfection that within three months it was impossible to see that it had only just been installed. Read more from Alaster Anderson…

In Florida, EPS Landscaping, we are experts in making landscapes glow with perfect installations. Contacts us today for all your landscape installation needs!