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Hardscaping Trends To Look Out For in Deerfield Beach This Year

As the name suggests, Deerfield Beach is an amazing outdoor destination if you need to take in some fresh air. You will be delighted by the numerous nature spots available in this beautiful place. Need a place where you can relax and have a quiet time all by yourself? Well, Quiet Waters Park offers you a place where you can regain your inner peace and tranquillity. Apart from the large beautiful lake which will amaze you with its beauty, there are picnic spots and walking trails that will bring you closer to nature at its best.

Such outdoor trips are worth investing in. On the other hand, you can create a wholesome outdoor experience right at home. The best part is that you’ll get to mix and match your landscaping elements in a unique way.

A Balanced Look

retaining wall

This year, you have the opportunity to create an outdoor experience in your yard at home. Just like it is at Quiet Waters Park, several elements need to go into the final look, including some thoughtful hardscaping:

Good landscaping will incorporate both hardscaping and soft scaping.

The same goes for the backyard. Too much hardscaping might not provide the relaxing oasis your family is hoping for. It can also leave you with limited yard space for kids or pets to play. On the other hand, too much softscape can get out of control quickly, and may require a lot of maintenance.

What are some examples of hardscaping?

There are many ways to incorporate hardscape into your outdoor area, including wooden decks or concrete, brick, flagstone or tile patios. Stone retaining walls, walkways, or landscape steps are other popular options, as well as gravel paths, which provide a “softer” alternative to brick or concrete. A metal or wooden fence can provide separation and privacy, and a wooden arbor, gazebo, or pergola can offer a shaded gathering space for friends and family. Read more at Lansing State Journal

Clearly, you are spoilt for choice as far as hardscaping features go. Perhaps blending a bit of each kind of material will work just perfectly. A bit of concrete, matched with some metallic and wooden features could just transform your yard into a trendy place.

Efficient Use of Space

retaining wall

The concern about space in your yard is valid. To achieve that great final and balanced look, proper calculations need to be made. Even so, don’t write off any idea just yet because you feel you don’t have space for it.

There are many misconceptions about hardscaping. One of the biggest is that hardscaping requires a large space, when in fact, some of the best hardscapes are created with a simplistic design and less square footage.

Host-friendly hardscapes are the number one trend in 2021. Outdoor dining nooks and full kitchens are in. Many high-end outdoor entertaining designs, include stone pizza ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, and charcoal grills.

Stone retaining walls that can double as bench seating are a major plus in hardscape designs. Some of the best areas to use this design are near dining areas, firepits, and gardens.

Permeable pavers are a hardscape option that will help your landscape stay beautiful. These special pavers will decrease the amount of erosion on your property, even if your property is on a hillside. They allow water to sink slowly into the ground and eliminate runoff. Read more at Sponzilli

From these examples, you can see that you can achieve much more with the right hardscaping elements. But also, it reminds you that your hardscape features can be multi-functional. Invest in such for the best results that’ll be worth your penny.

Blending Luxuries with Necessities

landscape lighting

Are you still looking for a winning argument for investing in hardscaping? What if you could become independent and have a place to grow your own food? And after you do all that work, have a beautiful place to relax? Here’s how hardscaping can do this:

Incorporating Food
Fears of food shortages as well as the simple risk of going to a grocery store prompted a surge in home vegetable gardens in 2020. And one of the popular trends has been to incorporate raised garden beds, planters, and other food-growing spaces right into the hardscaping.

Relaxing Harder
Spending so much time at home during the pandemic led many people to expand and improve their hangout areas. Chairs, hammocks, and swinging benches became a staple of hardscaping projects in 2020 as people sought out alternative spots to shelter at home. Expect the trend to continue into 2021. Read more at Redwood Land Design

Convinced? Then all you need to do is make your plans a reality. You can easily do this by working with EPS Landscaping and Tree Services. We are experts in hardscaping services and our joy is to transform your home. Call us today for the best deal in town!