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This Is How Your Hardscape Design Can Add Value To Your Home in Hollywood

Are there times when you wish you could go back in time and enjoy the good old days? The hustle and bustle of modern city life can do that to you. You may feel like you’re chasing your tail, trying to beat one deadline after the other. Or you may feel like you simply have no time to catch your breath. If that describes you, then you may want to visit Downtown Hollywood. This is the perfect destination for you to revisit the 1920s environment. Plus, if you still fancy the idea of a modern feel in the midst of a vintage environment, don’t hesitate to visit the Argentango Grill for a tantalizing meal.

Similarly, a proper hardscape design can create a beautiful blend between the various elements of your yard. This breaks the monotony of softscape features. But first, let’s understand what hardscape design is all about.

What’s a Hardscape Design?

This Is How Your Hardscape Design Can Add Value To Your Home in Hollywood

It is a work of art. Without it, your yard would be a place of confusion. Every different element would be placed haphazardly and there would be no unity or harmony.

Hardscape design requires striking a balance between the use of plants, trees, or grass, and those human-constructed spaces that turn a yard into an enjoyable outdoor living space.

Not all hardscape is synthetic, as it includes stone and wood materials to help shape the look of a yard, but the yard features are more permanent by design. They will not be easily moved, and they will not grow or change over time to require the same kind of maintenance as softscape.

Hardscape allows for natural yard spaces to interact with the architectural style of the home and other structures. Hardscape design should blend in an aesthetic and functional way. Read more at Build

Hardscape design ensures that whatever elements you choose to include in your yard are intentionally placed to meet a certain goal.

Hardscape Features as Garden Décor

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Even as you plant your garden, you can choose to make it especially beautiful and attractive. This is possible when you blend the living elements with the non-living ones- which form the hardscape.

Having a garden is about more than growing plants. You should create an atmosphere by developing a landscape design theme. You can incorporate this into your garden for a cohesive look throughout the entire yard.

Start your hardscape project by building solid concrete or stone planter boxes for your garden. Then build off of these with stone or gravel walkways around them.

If you prefer a more freeform style of garden, you can add hardscape elements to it. Place a bench among the flowers. Add a few statues to fill in empty areas. Read more at Trendey

Take your garden a notch higher by introducing these features to your home garden.

Hardscape Features Can Maximize Utility

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There are ingenious ways to increase the surface area of your yard through hardscape elements. For instance, you can have multiple gardens on your yard by using retaining walls.

Retaining walls and terrace gardens

For many, the phrase retaining wall conjures images of a plain limestone retaining wall, solely functional and void of character. Rest assured, there are scores more options available. From landscaping rock walls with large boulders to intricately tiled walls and more, Drost accommodates the most discerning tastes.

Custom designed pools, spas, and water features

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as a well-designed landscape water feature. From the sounds of water babbling over rocks to pools of clean and delightfully temperature-regulated swimming, soul-soothing soaking, and play. Read more at Drost Landscape

There are lots of beautiful ways to make your garden look fresh and beautiful. Hardscaping can go a long way in adding character to your yard.

Do you have hardscaping ideas you feel are the out-of-this-world kind? Guess what? At EPS Landscaping and Tree Service, it is our pure delight to dream up amazing hardscape ideas that transform your home into a haven of comfort and bliss. Call us today for the best services in town.