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How To Tell It’s Time Get Rid Of That Tree In Pompano Beach

The title “The Heart of The Gold Coast,” is an accurate description of Pompano Beach in Broward county. It is strategically located between Miami and Palm Beach. In addition to the amazing marine activity happening in its waters, it has one of the last standing Lighthouses in Broward, the Hillsboro lighthouse.

Trees are a common landscaping feature. They are selected for the breeze they provide. For Pompano Beach area residents, this beautifully complements the warm air around the ocean. However, when trees mature, they may become a hazard. This applies to trees within your compound as well. Below are some instances that should serve as a warning that it is time to remove them:

When the tree is interfering with the structure of your home

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Many people believe that tree roots can create cracks in the foundation of a house. Well, they don’t – at least not directly. Cracks occur as a result of the soil movement around the house as the roots move under the house in search of water. This movement causes a pressure imbalance that makes cracks appear, and these are dangerous for the structure.

One sign that you need to have a tree removed is if the roots of the tree have come in contact with the foundation of your home. In this situation, the trees roots will likely continue to grow up and under the foundation, which can cause it to crack and become unsafe. This can cost you thousands of dollars to repair and involves both fixing the foundation and removing the tree. However, if you act quickly and have the tree professionally removed before it can cause too much damage, you make your home safer and protect your foundation. Or the other alternative is to install a tree root barrier, this allows the owner to retain the value of having the tree and may be just enough to allow the foundation to settle back without any expensive repair. Read more from Advanced Tree Care Inc….

You should also be careful to ensure that the roots are not affecting any underground structures like piping. If they are, it’s time to either redesign them or remove the tree.

When the tree is diseased

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Perhaps every time you take a good look at that big tree in your yard, it seems to lack life. Its leaves may still be there, but it’s showing signs that something is wrong. It is advisable to have the tree checked out. Some of the features of a dead tree include dead branches, wilted or burnt leaves, a trunk with holes or that looks dented, among others.

When trees are diseased or sick, they become weak, and branches are more likely to fall off suddenly, posing a safety risk to your family and property.

Diseases from trees also risk spreading to other trees in the neighbourhood, so it’s important to hire the pros to remove diseased trees as soon as possible. Arborists can remove diseased trees properly while minimizing the risk of the disease spreading to nearby trees.

Fungi, viruses, and pests can slowly kill trees from the inside, and eventually, make trees unsalvageable. In these cases, tree removal is the only option. Read more from Green Thumb…

Failure to remove that tree could lead to a disaster.

When the tree is structurally weak


Some factors lead to weakness in a tree’s structure. For example, if the tree has shallow roots, or they are continually exposed, they will eventually lack support. The result is that the tree will fall. If the tree’s trunk is hollow at a point, then the top structures are unstable. This is very dangerous especially if strong winds come, as it is very likely to fall.

The structure of the tree plays a big role in whether or not it needs to be removed. If the tree suddenly begins to start leaning, it may have structural problems. Not all leaning trees need removal, which is why it is best to let an arborist decide for you. If the tree has a hollow trunk it can pose a hazard. Now, hollow trunks do not always call for removal, but it is recommended that if at least 1 third of the tree is hollow inside, that it be removed. Read more from Advanced Tree Care…

When you notice any of these issues, you need to take action and consult a tree care professional. They are equipped to advise on the best course of action. At EPS Landscaping, our professionals will answer all your tree removal questions and provide any tree services needed. Call us today!