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Garden Edging Material To Consider For Landscaping Your Yard in Hollywood

The sun is shining far on the horizon. You are standing on the Broadwalk or on the sandy beaches that are perfectly lined with palm trees. The city behind you is Hollywood, located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida. The city offers great entertainment through local musicians, which goes a long way in helping residents connect to its culture. It also has the famous Anne Kolb Nature Center, the perfect place to get away from the busyness of life and commune with nature.

The sand beaches of Hollywood outline the city, drawing one’s attention to the majestic ocean. At the same time, they provide just the perfect boundary for it. Garden edging does the same in Broward County. It facilitates the beauty of any garden. Garden edging not only shows the boundary of a garden but also highlights its best features. It is a great way to keep flowerbeds contained and enhances the yard’s beauty. The best thing about garden edging is that you can work with readily available materials.  Some of them are discussed below:


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Timber, a readily available resource, has transformed the appearance of millions of homes and hotels. Being a wood product, it can been used in construction as well as for decoration in the form of carvings. It can also serve beautifully as a landscaping tool as its natural look provides a raw unforced taste that works wonders for any garden.

Timber is a great material to use in your garden, especially if you use railway sleepers, as these are quite long-lasting and easy to install. Additionally, if one gets damaged, it can be replaced easily. If you are looking for a different and rustic option, railway sleepers may be exactly what you need. If you don’t have any railway sleepers garden edging ideas, you can always find some online.   Read more from bricks and agent…

Another product that you can easily use to provide transitions for your garden or to help facilitate concrete work with little to no inconvenience is metal. 


garden edging

Do you always wonder what to do with the scrap metal around your compound? Landscape designers have many ways you can use it to beautify your environment. They can also come up with various designs for your landscape. This not only helps you deal with waste scrap around your compound, but it also adds to its beauty. Additionally, your flowers will be kept in place, away from your well-mowed grass.

Many types are no-dig, meaning you can hammer them into the ground. Painted finishes or galvanized metal last the longest, but unfinished metal has an attractive rustic appearance for country gardens. It is irrelatively easy to install. One however needs to wear heavy gloves as it is hard on your hands.   Read more from country living…

Another advantage is that it’s difficult for plant roots to pass the metal. So if you have it well into the ground, it will work wonders in terms of clearly showing boundaries.


garden edging

If you are a yard owner who prefers going all-natural, then you might want to consider using stones for your garden edges. Stone is one of the oldest materials in garden structures. It provides a natural look, not to mention a wide varieity of colors, sizes, and shapes. This will bring out the artistic beauty in it against your flowers and grass.

“This idea is possibly the least labor-intensive on the list but will still require some strength and perseverance as you carry and set large stones into place. The stones can be purchased or found, but a relatively uniform size is preferred to create the desired “wall” effect.” Read more from garden lovers…

You can use stones in many ways. For instance, you can use them to build gabion walls or fix them together using concrete. Moreover, you can place them one over the other, or just lay them on the ground to help keep the soil in place. All these materials and many others can be used by any professional designer to bring magic to your garden.

If you are looking for creative ways to create garden edges, call EPS Landscaping and Tree Services today. Our professional designers will be sure to help make your dream yard a reality.