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Easy To Maintain Lawn Grass To Consider For Your Yard in Dania Beach

Dania Beach, Florida experiences a subtropical climate. So, if you’re new in Broward County and are looking for a warm and dry place to settle in, this is it. Even if you are just touring the area, consider visiting Dania Beach from November through to April. You’ll enjoy the sights and amazing natural features.

Even so, for many homeowners, this type of climate is disastrous to lawns. So, which kind of grass can survive this climate? Do you fancy the idea of a heavenly lawn with carpet-like short, green grass? And do you also need an option that is easy to maintain? You may want to consider the selections discussed below. These are some top picks that will make your Dania beach lawn feel heavenly:

St. Augustine Grass

Easy To Maintain Lawn Grass To Consider For Your Yard in Dania Beach

This type of grass grows perfectly in sub-tropical climate regions, making it perfect for Florida. It performs perfectly with salty water. Also known as Buffalo grass, it grows into a thick sod that chokes out weeds.

St. Augustine grass is a warm-season turf that is often found in tropical and subtropical regions. In the United States, St. Augustine is common in Hawaii, California, Texas, and Florida, where its name originates (after St. Augustine, Florida). The grass does well in the sun, requiring at least 6 or more hours of direct sunlight each day, and is also salt-tolerant, perfect for property near oceans.

Grass blades are dark green to green-blue and are flat and broad. St. Augustine turf is thick and carpet-like, a positive as it often crowds out potential weeds. The grass spreads quickly thanks to above-ground stolons, also known as runners, which help the turf remain thick and lush. St. Augustine grass will stay green year-round in warmer climates but will go dormant and brown in cooler climates. Once the temperatures warm up in the spring, the grass will green-up again. Read more from DoMyOwn..

For St. Augustine grass, you can only get it as sod because it doesn’t have seeds. You should also take care of it, watering it consistently. It doesn’t need a lot of water, just consistent bits of it.

Empire Zoysia

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Do you want grass that will stand up even after heavy foot traffic? Then Zoysia grass is for you. It does well in lightly shaded areas. So if you have a yard with trees, it will do. This, as long as it gets its full share of the sun.

EMPIRE is not just a zoysia grass—EMPIRE is the best grass for Florida. EMPIRE was developed in Brazil’s tropical region, which allows it to thrive in the Florida climate with ease where other zoysia grasses notoriously fail. Featuring tough runners, rhizomes and deep roots that provide excellent sod strength, EMPIRE effortlessly tolerates stressors like wear and tear from kids or pets and periods of drought. EMPIRE is family friendly, pet safe and most of all, it limits many of the factors that stress homeowners—from unsightly damage that won’t recover to natural insect control. For transplants to the Sunshine State, EMPIRE reminds people of the grasses in the North. Read more from Sod Solutions…

This grass will withstand the drought season, but as soon as the showers are in, you will get your green yard back. However, you can bypass the seasons by consistently watering it.

Bermuda Grass

Easy To Maintain Lawn Grass To Consider For Your Yard in Dania Beach


This grass does extremely well even under full and direct sunlight. So placing it in dark areas is a sure way to kill it. It is an extremely drought-resistant grass, outshining some like the centipede grass.

Bermudagrass is native to tropical and subtropical countries worldwide. Exactly when it arrived in the U.S. is unclear, but documents dating back to 1807 show it was already established as one of the primary grasses in southern states.1 Bermudagrass is a perennial warm-season grass, meaning it comes back every year and grows most actively from late spring through hot summer months. Read more from Pennington…

Bahia Grass

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Bahiagrass provides a thick carpet-like lawn. It does extremely well in Florida as shown below:

If you have sandy soil, Bahia grass is a great candidate for your lawn. It requires a low pH in order to thrive and grows well in hot climates. Because it lives in well-draining sandy soil, it naturally goes into a dormant state to survive drought conditions; it’ll spring right back once it receives water again. This species is low maintenance, needing little fertilizer or extra waterings to survive. If you have a large yard with low pH, Bahia is the turf for you. Read more from Big Earth…

It is next to impossible to find a type of grass that will not require any sort of maintenance. But some make your work easy. For Florida lawns, the above types of grass can work wonders. If you are looking for a lawn care company in Dania Beach, EPS Landscaping and Tree services is the best lawn care company in Florida. Call us today for all your lawn care needs!