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The Unique Benefits of Drip Irrigation in Fort Lauderdale

When it rains, drops of water fall on every green thing – from the lowly grass to the highest trees. Sometimes it is inconvenient, especially when you had plans to spend the day outdoors. But even with a sudden downpour, you don’t have to get stuck indoors. You can visit museums in your area like the NSU Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale.

For many people in Broward County, the rains are not a reliable source of water for their landscape vegetation. If you share this sentiment, you may want to take a proactive approach. One of the best options is to set up an irrigation system. This post will highlight some unique benefits of the drip irrigation system.

Benefit #1. It doesn’t interrupt your gardening routine.

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Sprinkler systems are effective in spreading water all over the target area. However, the drawback of using them is they can easily turn your garden into a mud palace. A good alternative is the drip irrigation system.

The muddy stretches a sprinkler system leaves behind between your rows of plants can discourage you from working in the garden. No one wants to kneel in mud and get their clothes soiled just so they can get some weeding done.  In addition, with certain plants that are vulnerable to disease, experts recommend you not work in the garden while any type of moisture is there, as your movements through the water droplets can help spread the pathogens that cause disease. So using a sprinkler system could mean you need to stop working in the garden for long enough to let the moisture from the sprinkler evaporate—which can take two or three days. With drip irrigation, you can even be working among your plants while they’re being watered without increasing the risk of disease or the inconvenience of muddy boots and knees. Read more from Gardening Channel…

Think of drip irrigation as a laser-sharp targetted watering method. You don’t waste any water, and you can do as much gardening as you like at your convenience.

Benefit #2. It prevents the growth of weeds.

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Basic science dictates that plants need water, air, sunlight, soil, and warmth to grow. Weeds, just like other plants, need water to thrive. With a sprinkler system, sufficient water is distributed all over the garden. You can be sure that weeds will come up. However, with a drip irrigation system, this problem is minimized:

The chances of weeds, funguses, or water pests emerging while having a drip irrigation system is considerably lowered. The water is going only where it needs to be, and usually in small amounts, which doesn’t encourage these crop dangers to appear. Read more from FMS…

Although the drip irrigation system does not eliminate weeds completely, they will be less of a headache. This also means the rest of the vegetation will not have to compete with them for the soil nutrients.

Benefit #3. It improves growth.

Landscape design

As seen above, plants need water to grow; it is possible to have plants blocking others from receiving water in a garden when using a sprinkler system. The advantage of a drip system is that it delivers water right where the plant needs it – at the roots. This ensures that all ground is covered.

By applying a smaller amount of water over a longer period of time it can improve the growing condition of plants. It prevents soil erosion and nutrient runoff because the flow is continuous and slow, the water can penetrate deep into the soil and get down to the root zone where it really matters. Read more from First Fruits Landscaping…

Watering plants is essential to having a successful garden. What makes drip irrigation so good is that it is cost-friendly, very easy to set up, and can supply water to plants continuously.

It helps when you’re working with a trusted landscaping company that can set up and help maintain your irrigation system. EPS Landscaping is one such company – we guarantee amazing yard landscaping with an efficient irrigation system.  Call us today if you have any questions or would like an irrigation system set up for you.