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How To Make The Most Of Your Landscape Lighting in Deerfield Beach

The rich history of Deerfield Beach in Broward County, FL goes back to 1890, when a small settlement was established along Hillsboro river. Interestingly, the name Deerfield was chosen because of the deer that fed along the Hillsboro River.

Apart from the beautiful beaches, Deerfield is home to the longest cable ski in the US found at Quiet Waters Park. If you are an adrenaline junkie, this is an exciting prospect. However, you will rarely find facilities that allow you to cable ski at night due to safety concerns. In the same way, you might miss out on the full experience of your beautiful yard at night when you don’t incorporate the best lighting for it.

landscape lighting

Extending Living Space

Landscape lighting can help spice up your yard in many ways. You can do this by adding items like path lights, inground lights, as well as overhead floodlights. These kinds of lighting can help to extend your living space by providing an exterior space that can be used at all hours.

“Crafting a well-lit outdoor living area creates a multi-dimensional home that can be enjoyed day and night. Today, an outdoor living environment is becoming a must-have for every homeowner. “Being able to see outside at night is a wonderful way to enlarge the feeling of the size of the property. The exterior becomes an extension of the interior,” said Katie Lydon of Katie Lydon Interiors. Read more from Hinkley…

By providing this kind of extension, you create the space you might need to enjoy private conversations with friends, family, and colleagues. You can also use this space to break the monotony of hanging out indoors. It’s a great way to share wonderful moments with your family when the weather is just right.

landscape lighting

Safety and Security

Unlike cats and owls that enjoy precise vision at night, human visibility is limited. You need exterior lighting at night or when it’s dark to help you see well. This is why landscape lighting is so beneficial when you think about visibility and safety.

One of the big benefits of outdoor lighting is improved safety. You want a safe outdoor living space, but darkness obscures tripping hazards, such as uneven ground. Landscape lighting increases safety by allowing you to see the area you are walking on, and illuminating any tripping or falling hazards. The improved safety is especially important during the winter months when the days get dark quicker, and icy patches are more prevalent. Read more at Burkholder Landscape…

By providing this kind of lighting,.. all your security needs are met. This double benefit ensures that you and your family members are well-protected.

landscape lighting

Highlighting Landscape Features

There may be certain elements of your landscape that need some illumination at night. This might include the pathway that leads to the exterior fireplace, or the water fountain that provides the tranquility that your home needs. All these are features that are fully visible during the day, but what about at night?

By placing outdoor lighting throughout your landscape, you can highlight many of the features you already have. Guide people to your front door over paths and walkways with lighting. Place lights next to water features like fountains or ponds, or to spotlight trees.

Using lights throughout your flower beds will also show off all the beautiful colors, so that you can even enjoy your garden at night. Read more from Inverse Architecture…

The stars and the moon at night help show the vastness of the dark sky above. They highlight its greatness and no wonder they are so appealing. It is almost impossible to avoid observing them at night. Lighting could provide the same experience for your yard by helping everyone see its most important features.

To incorporate lighting into your yard, you need to consult your landscape designer for their professional advice. For instance, you may need to adjust certain things while doing yard work to provide room for electrical installations. Your landscape designer could also link you to landscape lighting experts in your area. For such landscaping needs and queries, you can contact us today at EPS Landscaping and Tree Services.