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Three Common Tree Trimming Mistakes To Beware Of

D​aredevil Travis Pastrana is a man known for living on the edge pulling stunts that no one else can dare do. Recently he was in Fort Lauderdale for his routine work but ended up being hospitalized after the stunt he was doing turned ugly and he was injured. Luckily for him even with the fall, he was well equipped to protect himself from any error that had led to the fall.

In the world of tree trimming, you should also protect yourself while doing the work to ensure you are safe in case things go south. Below you will find common mistakes made by tree trimmers that you can avoid to protect yourself, your tree, and your family.

Ignoring safety

Three Common Tree Trimming Mistakes To Beware Of

Core to the work of trimming your tree is improving the health of your tree while also making it safer for you and your loved ones. Now, it is easy to overlook your safety as you are trimming and think solely of how safe it will be in the future. Remember, if you don’t use safety gear, and also trim in a calculated way, you may not be there in the future to enjoy the beauty of your tree.

Sometimes it’s not all about the appearance or health of your trees. You also have to mind your safety. As you probably already know, tree trimming is a pretty dangerous job that only experts should execute.

Besides, there is a chance that you don’t have the right equipment for the job. As such, you’ll be putting your life at risk trimming tall trees. Unless you’re trimming very short trees, leave the job to experts. Read more from NYBcorp…

Using dull tools

Three Common Tree Trimming Mistakes To Beware Of

Yes, you want the job done, but what kind of tools are you using to do the job? If you want to enjoy the trimming work or to even do it in an easier way, use proper tools. And then don’t just use the right tools, use tools that are maintained the right way. Since you shall be doing a lot of cutting, you should make sure your tools are sharp and can produce cuts that don’t injure the tree.

Abraham Lincoln was known for saying, “give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four sharpening my ax.”

Have you ever tried mowing the lawn with a clogged grass chute? Most people don’t bother sharpening their blades because the grass is easy enough to cut, and they don’t realize how much extra work they’re creating for themselves. When you cut with dull blades, you’re left with big clumps of grass all over your lawn, and you have to go back and cut everything again.

The same problem applies to tree trimming, but it gets worse because trees are harder to cut, not to mention more dangerous. If you make a mistake trimming a tree, those branches aren’t going to grow back as your lawn does.

In some lines of work, it’s just as important to keep your skills as sharp as your tools. Read more from TreeNewal…

Making the wrong cuts

Three Common Tree Trimming Mistakes To Beware Of

One other common mistake homeowners make is trimming in the wrong spots. This should be summed up as cutting too far away from the trunk and too close to the trunk of the tree. The danger of cutting too close to the trunk of the tree is that you cut the collar of the tree which ends up creating a wound to the tree trunk that could even make the tree rot.

The ultimate in bad pruning moves is to top oa tree. Reducing the size of a tree by cutting the top of its primary leader creates far more problems for the tree than it solves. If you top a tree, you’ll find that it creates a variety of waterspouts or new vertical branches to replace the one removed. These compete for dominance and, as they do, compromise the structural integrity of the tree.

The solution is to choose a new leader yourself and offer it support. For conifers, tape a branch from just below the pruning wound so that it stands vertically. In time the branch will grow straight up naturally and serve as the leader. In deciduous trees, select one of the new leaders and cut back any competition. Read more from GardeningKnowHow…

What you should know is that tree trimming is a fairly easy job but has some technical sides to it. If not watched, you could end up harming your trees instead of making them even more productive. This is why  EPS Landscaping and Tree Services offers tree trimming services at pocket-friendly prices to make the work easier for you. Call us today!