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3 Common Tree Removal Methods in Dania Beach

Did you know that you can see all that happens on the Dania Beach and Pier through the City of Dania Beach Pier WebCam Livestream on YouTube? Now you know. In case you are far away from home and you want to see what’s going on at this favorite spot you can just go online and with a click, you’ll be home! As a homeowner, this is also how you should be on the watch out for the trees in your compound to see what their condition is. You might be having very sick trees and they need to be removed or else they will endanger everyone’s life.

Tree removal has been there for ages with the most common form of this being tree felling.  But with time, more and more methods have sprung up to make the work easier and safer. You will also find that homeowners have different needs. Some want their trees moved wholly, some want them felled. All these cases have different methods as you’ll see below:

Bucket removal

Tree removal in Pembroke Pines being completed by arborist at EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC

If you haven’t heard of the bucket tree removal option, this should be one of the safest tree removal options in existence. Why? Unlike straight felling which means cutting the tree from the base and letting it fall, with bucket removal the tree is cut section by section. This means that if a tree is in between wire lines, it can be safely removed without posing risk to homeowners.

A bucket removal applies the same principle as climbing, where tree care experts clear away a tree by sections. However, instead of climbing gear, it calls for a bucket truck (also known as a cherry picker) that lifts workers so they can saw the tree as they need to. This can be especially useful if the tree in question is rotting or cannot support climbers.

Nevertheless, bucket removal requires the truck and, potentially, other special equipment. Having one on hand involves planning and preparation ahead of time. Read more from Timber Works…

Small tree removal

3 Common Tree Removal Methods in Dania Beach

In the event you want to remove a small deciduous tree, you do not have to cut it down, you can transplant it. This will save you the time of having to wait for another one to grow. For you to relocate the tree successfully, you need to wait until it is early spring or late summer. The Iowa State University recommends that to be the best time frame for tree relocation.

But before you move the tree:

Water three or four days before digging up the tree so the soil is soft.

Wrap the tree’s branches loosely with a tarp and secure with rope or twine. Dig a circle around the tree, in a radius of 8 to 12 inches for every inch of trunk diameter. A 1-inch trunk should have a 16- to 24-inch diameter root ball. Dig down 18 to 24 inches, then under the tree to sever the roots. Put a tarp or burlap along one side of the hole, then tip the tree onto it.

Move the tree to the new planting hole, which should be two to three times the width and 2 to 3 inches less than the depth of the root ball. Carefully tip the tree into the hole, remove the tarp or burlap and backfill with the excavated soil. Tamp gently, water and add additional soil as needed. Read more from SFGate..

Straight tree felling

3 Common Tree Removal Methods in Dania Beach

As stated above the most common method of tree removal is straight tree cutting. This is mostly done using a chain saw where the tree is cut from the lowest point and is made to fall to a particular direction.

Straight felling is where a tree is cut from the base and allowed to fall to the ground in a controlled manner. However, in London, this is often not possible for large trees as considerable space is required.

The straight fell of larger trees is usually carried out in forest work or properties with enough space, but smaller trees can be straight felled safely in most gardens and properties.

A face-notch is cut out from near the base of the trunk and in the desired direction before making the back cut through to the hinge.

We always use ropes and slings to assist the fall and may also use wedges to avoid it falling the opposite way. Read more from Grafting Gardeners….

The danger with straight tree cutting is that if it is not well managed, especially if the tree is near your house, it could end up being disastrous. This is why you should reach out to a professional tree removal company to help you out.

In Dania Beach, EPS Landscaping And Tree Services is the premier tree removal company. We have professionals who will help you with your tree removal needs. Call Us Today!