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Common Commercial Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid in Pembroke Pines

Pines Ice Arena is known as the coolest location in South Florida. This isn’t a place where rollerblades just get on the ice, this is a place where memories are made. It’s perfect for a family hangout or for young lovers to have memorable dates. After all, doesn’t ice skating make dates so much fun? But have you ever gone skating and found someone who hasn’t dressed appropriately for skating? They could be having oversized coats and super long scarves. Scarves that could be a danger to them and others. Prepare well to avoid such mistakes.

Similarly, if you want to pursue a landscaping project for your business premises, there are certain decisions that could prove to be dangerous. Here are some common landscaping mistakes you should also be wary of. You also don’t want something you do to be a threat to others.

Overlooking Security

Common Commercial Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid in Pembroke Pines

Yes, you want your landscape to look terrific; everything to come together like a masterpiece. But at what cost? A landscape should beautify a place rather than make it unsafe. Avoid mistakes such as placing bushes in places where your surveillance cameras lack a clear view.

Also, be considerate of your employees also, you don’t want your landscape to be a danger for them. If your pathways are slippery then don’t have an irrigation system spraying over them.

As a responsible business leader, you take security at your workplace very seriously. But did you know that commercial landscape design can actually boost safety around your building?

Strategically-placed bushes deter would-be criminals. Clearly-marked walkways help avoid dangerous slip-and-fall accidents. In addition, nighttime lighting demonstrates that you’re serious about the continued protection of your business. Exhibiting your commitment to safety in this manner shows customers and team members that you care about more than the bottom line. Read more from Duval Landscape…

A landscaping plan that’s been rushed

Landscaping mistakes to avoid

Start with the end in mind. Don’t create room for so much uncertainty. This will be helpful for cost management and also for pointing out potential pitfalls. An experienced Landscape designer could come in handy for this, but don’t let them take your vision away from you.

Many landscaping projects begin, stop, and then begin again. In this instance a project can start to feel disorganized and even become inefficient. The best landscaping is thoroughly thought out and planned before being embarked upon, you don’t want to change your mind or realize a lightly thought out idea won’t actually work mid-way through construction. Having a plan of action to maintain landscaping is just as important as your detailed design plan. Plants and flowers require very specific upkeep or else they rapidly turn into wilting eyesores. Create a plan to develop and sustain your commercial landscaping in order to save money and reduce hassles in the future. Read more from Terracast Products…

Inadequate information on your service provider

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So you have your plan, the security aspect is all checked out, the cost analysis shows a perfect project, what next? Get a company that will bring your vision to reality. But as you do this, don’t be shortchanged.

Ask for referrals, ensure the company is credible, and that it has a team that consistently delivers excellent work.

Speak to friends and other businesses about landscapers that you are interested in hiring. You are sure to get a fair feel for the company’s reputation. Look to online reviews as well. If a company’s reviews are overwhelmingly negative, it is probably best to steer away from that landscaper or company. Read more from Total Landscape Management…

EPS Landscaping stands out as a tested company, our reviews speak for themselves. We have been in the trade long enough doing consistently high-quality work for all our clients. Your commercial landscaping plan is not just another project. To us, it is a masterpiece that we’ll give every attention to. Call us today!