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Have You Considered Commercial Landscaping At Your Business Premises in Hollywood?

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The work environment can be quite demanding and it’s always important to take a break from time to time. But did you know that through commercial landscaping, you can create a more relaxing atmosphere at the workplace? Let’s explore more about this subject today.

What You Stand to Gain

Have You Considered Commercial Landscaping At Your Business Premises in Hollywood?

Commercial landscaping that is well done can accomplish much more than you imagine. You will create an impression in the minds of your clients and also take care of your employees’ needs.

With well-thought-out landscaping that is regularly maintained, you can reduce outdoor risks and protect both your staff and visitors…

Employers are becoming increasingly aware that providing a pleasant working atmosphere has a direct impact on employee morale and productivity, now more than ever since the pandemic began. And although many factors contribute towards employee wellbeing, landscaping can play a significant role…

Along with offering wellbeing benefits when outside enjoying landscapes, it has also been proven that being able to look at plants or trees, even outside the window, can reduce stress. As a result, employees will feel more relaxed and happy in their working environment, making them more likely to stay within the business to progress in their career…Read more at Neal Landscapes

You can be sure that if your employees’ wellbeing is taken care of, then you have a little less to worry about.

What to Consider

Hardscaping and landscape design in Hallandale Beach by EPS Landscaping & Tree Service

Since you’re up for a worthwhile investment, it is critical to ensure you make a hit. So, what are the considerations to make as you plan for your commercial landscaping design? Here are some ideas:

Use Surrounding Landscape Architecture for Inspiration

This is especially important in more urban locations, as you’ll likely be picking up foot traffic from other places.

In any setting, pay close attention to the green spaces, streetscapes, and canopy just beyond your property lines. Do they encourage walkability? If so, your property might be a great place to offer a spot for respite. Alternatively, maybe the surroundings are, well, rather bleak—all pavement, no tree cover, no pleasant walkways. In that case, making your property a little oasis could result in a very desirable response…

Consider How You Can Be Green With Commercial Landscape Design Ideas

We aren’t only talking about the actual green stuff! Smart landscaping ideas for commercial properties should always include concepts for reducing energy costs within surrounding buildings.

Quite a few studies have linked the shade provided by trees to a lower amount of air conditioning use…Read more at Jerry Pate Design

It is advisable to have the complete landscape design or plan at the onset. That way, everything will build up into the final grand design.

What to Do To Keep the Benefits

water feature

After commercial landscape installation, you need to have a plan to ensure that all the benefits gained are not lost along the way. The best way to do this is through landscape maintenance. Here’s why this is especially important:

After installing landscapes, many don’t consider the needed maintenance. However, it is very important to maintain your landscape design to keep attracting clients.

There are many benefits of commercial landscape maintenance, such as:

  • Maintaining your landscapes is also energizing for your health.

  • Maintaining your landscapes can amaze your clients.

  • Commercial landscape maintenance may improve the value of your property.

  • It also helps in spreading positivity around you.

  • Commercial landscape maintenance makes it easy to change the location of the landscape anytime.

  • Removing the weeds can also help in the healthy growth of your plants and trees. Read more at Antonucci Lawn and Garden

You can keep the benefits going and have no regrets when it comes to your commercial landscaping investment. Everyone will benefit from a conducive environment at work.

The good news is that you don’t have to scratch your head wondering where to get these services. At EPS Landscaping and Tree Service, we offer you excellent commercial landscaping services at whatever stage you are. That could be design, installation, or even maintenance. We’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today!