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Palm Tree Trimming: How Best To Take Care Of Your Majestic Palms

In Florida, palm trees are a major state feature. So many homes, neighborhoods, and highways are dotted with these beautiful trees. It’s true to say that Florida would be incomplete without palm trees. But did you know there are palm tree species that grow much faster than others? Now you do. The Carpentaria palm tree, for example, grows at a rate of 6 feet each year. Isn’t that amazing?

But then again, even when the palm tree grows at such a rate, it needs to be trimmed well for it to be healthy and strong. This post will help you learn about palm tree trimming and how best to go about it.

Look At Your Palm Tree Keenly

water feature

Most Floridians plant palm trees to enhance that tropical feel around their pool area. That’s a perfect way to make good use of these tall and beautiful trees. As you enjoy the beauty and shade they offer, you may want to take a keen look at them to find out how they are doing.

Begin by taking a good look all around your tree. Note whether any fronds are completely brown. You can leave fronds that are turning from green to yellow, as they’re still providing the tree with some nourishment.

Also, note whether any fronds have been broken and are at risk of falling. Likewise, look for fronds that are too close to structures. Finally, check for fruits and flowers, and put them on the to-prune list.

Tip: Some palm trees are known as self-cleaning. They include king palms and Kentia palms. Self-cleaning palms naturally drop their dead fronds, so you generally just have to wait until they drop and pick them up from the ground. However, you still might need to prune in certain situations, such as to reduce fire and wind hazards. Read more at The Spruce

Properly Plan For Your Palm Tree Trimming

Palm Tree Trimming: How Best To Take Care Of Your Majestic Palms

After examining your palm tree(s), and you notice there’s a need to trim some fronds, you need a good plan. Palm tree trimming isn’t as simple as getting out the tools and cutting the fronds. You need to trim it at the right time, with the right tools and using the right techniques.

You should trim your palm tree in spring to protect the plant from unfavorable heat and cold conditions that characterize the summer and winter respectively. Palm tree pruning should be done when necessary to avoid damaging or killing the plant by over-trimming. Before you shave a palm tree, make sure you have the relevant tools like pruning loppers, pole saw, ladder and hand pruner…

Cut palm tree leaves with a sharp, sterilized pruning shear or pole saw, and be sure to wear protective clothing. You should disinfect your tools using Lysol, hydrogen peroxide, or 70 percent alcohol.

Trim the small leaves of the palm tree using a hand pruner or loppers and use the pole saw for big ones. Make sure you cut the leaves a few inches from the palm tree stem, leaving petioles to avoid damaging the plant’s trunk. Read more at Evergreen Seeds

Tackle The Possible Challenges of Palm Tree Trimming

Palm Tree Trimming: How Best To Take Care Of Your Majestic Palms

As in any project, there are expected challenges in palm tree trimming. One is the height of the palm tree, its weight, and the tools required to do a satisfactory trimming job. For these reasons, you may want to engage the experts.

Given the heights of palm trees and the heaviness of their fronds, trimming palm trees can be risky business. Add to those challenges the weight of equipment such as saws and the limitations of ladders.

“It all comes down to what they’re comfortable doing, what their time is worth and what the risk is worth. Some of the palms have thorns on them, so there’s always the chance of getting stuck a bit. I’ve been to ER once, and I’m a pro,” Gragg said.

“When they get too tall, unless you’re really adventurous and risk averse, you should be hiring a professional.”

To pick a professional, he recommended seeing which trees in your neighborhood are well tended and find out who is doing the work. Read more at Mercury News

If you’re new in your Pembroke Pines neighborhood, don’t worry. A quick look around will help you find out which tree expert to contact.

Moreover, if after reading this post you realize that the palm trees at home need some proper attention, then don’t hesitate to call in the experts. At EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, we have a specialty in the provision of excellent tree services. We will take care of all your palm tree trimming inquiries and provide professionals to handle your majestic palms for you. Get in touch with us today!