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The Benefits of Planting Trees In Your Business Space in Pompano Beach

Have you heard of the Pompano Beach tree giveaway? This was an initiative by the City Nursery in the spirit of earth conservation. The nursery this July was giving away two trees to every city resident who could show up with an ID or a utility bill. The city nursery understands the importance of trees in Pompano Beach and even though there isn’t a giveaway, you could consider planting some as part of your commercial landscape.

Here’s why: Trees enrich the soil, are continually helping in environmental conservation, and for your everyday need, they give fresh air. Read about this in detail below:

They enrich the soil

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Trees greatly help the soil they are planted in. Their roots improve soil aeration, help water infiltrate faster and at the same time give nutrients to the soil nearby. A major cause of poor soil in many areas is soil erosion caused by runoff water. By helping water infiltrate the soil, you will save your yard from erosion and prevent damage to nearby grass.

Soil is made up of 4 things: water, air, minerals and organic matter. Organic matter is every living (worms, plants, beetles, microbes) and dead or decaying (worms, plants, beetles, microbes) thing in the soil, and it’s the most important part.

Plant roots (both living and decaying) make up the majority of organic matter, and when those roots die back, they feed the soil. This is why after giving your trees a prune, some excess roots will die, resulting in higher organic matter in the soil… and a flush of growth from the trees! Trees actually create the conditions needed for them to grow in the soil they’re planted in.

All this is great for your property, because healthy soils mean fewer pests, less disease, easier gardening and greener lawns. Read more from Subpod…

Helps you save the environment

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Trees are the biggest givers of oxygen on the planet. At the same time, they’re the greatest consumers of carbon dioxide and other gases emitted into the air. With the rise in carbon emissions, tree planting is one of the ways of saving the planet from climate change. But you don’t need a forest to do this. Just know the ten trees in your commercial yard will go a long way in saving the planet. So start now.

While planting trees can certainly have a positive impact on your energy bill, sustainable gardening can also positively impact the environment.Trees absorb greenhouse gases like nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. They also convert carbon dioxide to oxygen through photosynthesis. Wondering how that relates to you? Just one tree can clean about 330 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year, according to the U.S. Forest Service, which provides enough oxygen for a family of four! Read more from AAA Tree Lopping…

They clean the air

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In addition to the point above by removing carbon dioxide from the air together with other emissions, trees provide clean air for human consumption. Have you ever been to a forest or a park with trees and just sense the change in the quality of air?

That is because trees are a natural at this. And having them on your business premises will be of great benefit to you and your employees.

Leave it to leaves. Trees remove the kind of air pollution that is most dangerous to our lungs: particulate matter. This pollution arises from the burning of fossil fuels, and can reach dangerous concentrations in the largest cities as well as in neighborhoods near highways and factories.

Tree’s leaves will filter this dangerous pollution, but only if they’re planted near the people who need them; most of the filtration occurs within 100 feet of a tree. More trees in cities, especially in lower-income neighborhoods close to highways and factories, can reduce ailments like asthma and heart disease that cause 5% of deaths worldwide. Read more from Nature…

 So as you’ve seen above, you can be part of the team saving the world by starting at your doorstep with that one tree. So don’t wait for tomorrow- start today. You can call EPS Landscaping to advise you on the best trees for Pompano Beach. We are the best when it comes to commercial landscaping. Call us today.