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The Benefits of Edging Your Hallandale Beach Yard

Did you know that Hallandale Beach hosts the Pegasus World Cup for horse racing? It first debuted in 2017 and for the year 2017-2018, it was the richest horse race in the world surpassing the Dubai World Cup. But what makes a horse stay focused on the track and win in such an event?

Apart from the training, horses have blinkers or blinders on them which act as boundaries for their vision. With this, they can’t see the side or the rears and this keeps them focused. This is a powerful concept that can be applied to our yards in the form of edging. With edging you keep the focus on one area bringing the best out of it.

What are the two types of edges?

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They are flat edges and raised edges. An example of a flat edge is a pavement that has edges but you can’t differentiate them in height from the other pavement blocks. A raised edge is like using wooden blocks to protect your flower bed but they are raised far above the ground level.

Depending on what you wish to achieve, you can either go with flat or raised driveway paving. Usually, people that aim to create visible driveway borders go for raised edgings. This is the obvious choice considering that raised edgings are set up higher than your driveway. Belgian blocks are mostly the first choice for people that go for raised edgings. In case you live in a more rural part of the world, wooden logs are a possible choice.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want a difference in level between your driveway and borders, flat edging is the way to go. This way, everything will be at the same height, and the contrast will be created with a difference in color. Regularly, one or two rows of contrasting colors will be enough for the border to be visible to the driver. Read more from Cricket Pavers…

What are some benefits of edging?

#1: It’s easy to maintain

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Think of a flower bed that is next to a lawn and there is no clear boundary. If weeds come near the flower bed it will be a great struggle to clear it out as the weeds entangle with the grass. But with proper edges around the flower bed, the weeds are limited and they are easily removed.

Installing a border along a planting bed will make it easier for property owners to maintain the landscaped areas. Mowing grass and edging weeds along the solid border will be made easier when you have a contained garden bed compared to having open ones. The plants within the border will get lower chances of getting harmed from the mowing and weeding process since the landscape edging will protect them. Apart from that, having an edging can also make it easier for people to regulate the fertilization, chemical applications, and irrigation in the garden bed since it is separated from the rest of the lawn.  Read more from White Fox Domain…

#2: It creates a visible barrier

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The earth is divided into continents, and you can clearly see the boundaries of each continent. The oceanic boundaries make the continents easily stand out. Moreover, this creates a pleasant sight for the eyes. Consider your yard to be a continent. That way, you should use edges around it, as they will easily help separate spaces.

This is essential since it directs people to walk in certain areas and not others. A good garden develops when it’s nurtured correctly.

If you have a garden, you already know the effort, patience, and hard work required to cultivate a garden of your choice. You can place a barrier to your lawn through fencing.

This is something that needs to be accomplished for the proper maintenance of your garden. This is why we recommend erecting a fence to protect your garden.

Additionally, you can also install boundary markers to enhance the beauty of your garden; Landscape edging can help you achieve this.

You may paint these barriers so that they blend well with the house and your background. However, ensure the borders you use are designed for materials that easily accept decent stains or paints. Read more from House Sumo…

What should I do to get proper edging for my yard?

You should consult with a professional hardscaping expert who will set up the edges for you. Such a professional will help you come up with items that complement your landscape design while factoring in the cost. In Hallandale Beach, we at EPS Landscaping offer quality durable works that favor your pocket. Contact us today.